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Last year, there were 1,579 data breaches in the United States.

According to Statista

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How we help

Civil society organizations face a number of different threats.
We link them with digital security providers to help.

Store information safely

Get help learning which apps are best for storing donor lists and collaborating on important documents.

Secure your communications

Ensure that communication between your team, volunteers and citizens are private and your response protocols are secured.

Protect private information

Keep private matters within your team. Learn best practices for protecting accounts and identities.

These are just a few ways we help. Visit our case studies to learn more.

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Latest Updates

by: Josh | November 09, 2018

Launching the DSXpress

This week we launched a new newsletter – we’re calling it the “DSXpress” – for organizations, experts, trainers, and advisors who have worked with the DSX in some capacity over the last couple of years. It provides a high-level overview of U.S.-specific and global digital s...

by: Josh | July 18, 2018

Case studies: Who has the DSX has been working with?

From the moment we first embarked on the DSX project, in early 2017, through today, we’ve used an agile-like method of understanding the needs of organizations, providers, and communities we are working with. In part, that means an incremental and deliberate approach to use...

by: Josh | May 17, 2018

Efail: Should you stop using PGP encryption?

Update, July 2018: If you’re using Thunderbird and the Enigmail plugin to encrypt your email, the EFF says it’s safe to turn PGP encryption back on. If you’re using Apple ...

by: Josh | April 24, 2018

Tackling digital security across civil society

Almost every organization we talk to tells us that while the need for greater digital security is clear – one look at the headlines on any given day will tell you that – resources and funding support for such work continue to be scarce.

This is why I and Katie Gillu...